Juicy story


Let me tell you a juicy story. By that I mean really juicy, in a orange and apple kind of way.

Since I started working as a flight attendant my whole life seems to be around juices. I almost start to think they should have create a bachelor degree in serving juices. I guess these days it would have helped me much more than learning some airport codes or creating marketing and business plans.

On board we meet people from all over the world, they have different nationalities, cultures, personalities and different behaviour. That said so, all these different people do have a lot in common when it comes to ordering their juices.

Let’s start with the category I call ‘the impossibles’ (no, not from the cartoon).
I don’t really generalise people, but there is this type of passengers that don’t realise when they are on a actual aircraft and not in their local juice bar. They will order the most impossible ‘fresh’ juices you can imagine. Varied from kiwi, guava, lychee to raw vegetable or mixed berry smoothies, yes I promise you.. I’ve heard them all.

Another onboard trend when it comes to juices is ordering by brand. Since our customers are flying on a five star airline, they just assume there is a choice between different kind of apple  or orange juices. So in staid of ordering a normal apple juice, these ‘brand-addicts’ order a Heró Apple juice or a Minute Maid Orange. Since our passengers come from everywhere, you can already guess, 99% of the time it’s a brand I’ve never heard of in my life.

One of these brands was the brand ‘Just Juice’. On a flight to Kochi a few months ago this passenger needs Just Juice, Orange. Yes you read that correctly, he needs it.

With a friendly smile I serve the guy a Orange Juice, the next second he is totally upset and disappointed.

Just a few weeks ago, I solved the mystery, but I still see myself standing in the cabin, totally confused with my friendly smile and the wrong brand orange juice still in my hand…

Actually, just juice is not something I heard only in this scenario. In fact, it’s the thing we hear the most on board. It seems so naturally for someone to order ‘just a juice’.
Imagine a German customer would like to have ‘a juice’ from a Russian flight attendant she hands him a tomato juice… his reaction will be like, is this a joke?!
Then again a Russian customer who assumed to receive this tomato juice when he ordered ‘just a juice’, got a pineapple juice from the African flight attendant who was serving him.
Ooh and don’t forget about the Indian customer on seat 24A that is totally frustrated about the fact the European flight attendant doesn’t assumed he wanted a mango juice when he asked her to give him just juice but handed him apple instead.

So, next time when you travel on a aircraft.. Just remember there is nothing simple as just a juice!


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