Sydney’s seven

Sorry I’ve been quite for a while, I realised again how strange this job can be. One moment you have plenty of time and another you spent so many hours in an aircraft that your only desire is fresh air. Last week I ended up in the hospital (Don’t worry, I’m okay again!) so it was a blessing in disguise that I had some time to write again.

This month was the eight time I’ve visited my beloved Sydney. It sounds so cliche, but this city stole my heart since my first visit. The surrounding, people and the vibe of the city are indescribable, to know what I mean you have to experience it yourself. If you do so, please don’t forget to do ‘my Sydney seven!’ In case you wonder why seven? I don’t know, maybe because it sounds like ‘heaven’.

#7 Bright Christmas!
I always thought I wouldn’t like christmas without snow (cause we always have that in Holland, right?!). Boy, was I wrong! Last December I experienced a hot Sydney christmas and I can tell you, it was amazing. I’m a summer person, I don’t like cold. So actually I don’t know why I’ve always had this ‘white christmas’ cliche in my mind, since last year I prefer a bright christmas.

#6 It’s okay to be a tourist
Don’t be ashamed of it, everyone needs to see the Eiffel tower in Paris, Sydney got It’s harbour. I think every travel guide and internet site will tell you to visit this main icon of Sydney, ‘The Sydney Opera House’. Since I secretly like cliches, I will tell you the same. When I was young I was a great fan of the Olsen Twins. I thinks that’s where my love for traveling started. They had this movies where they went to different countries every time. ’Our lips are sealed’, was filmed in Sydney. From the moment I saw this movie, I knew I needed my own picture in front of that famous Opera House. I didn’t climb the Harbour Bridge yet, but it’s still on my list.

#5 ‘I have a dream..’
Newtown is a suburb in Sydney’s inner west, with as mean street ‘King Street’. The Newtown area is known for it’s street art and is the hub for live entertainment in Sydney. Looking for some vintage shopping, hipster pubs or just like to watch all different kind of people while you’re sipping you’re coffee on a terrace? This is your place to be.

#4 Take a ferry and enjoy the sunset
Breath taking view from the water on the city while the sun goes down. Need I say more? Of course you can take an expensive tourist boat for a tour, but I think you will enjoy the local ferry just as much! It’s great to combine with my #3

#3 Cycle true Manley
Manley is definitely my favourite part of Sydney. I’m going to say this thing again, but it’s true, it’s really hard to express the feeling this place gives you with words or pictures. You have to experience it. I like to cycle, it’s probable because I’m Dutch, so I try to rent a bike everywhere I go, it’s a great way to explore. It’s very easy to rent a bike from the shop in the harbour, 5 minutes after I arrived I was wearing a helmed, ready to go! If you would like to have a breath taking view, it’s about 8 km to North head. This place gives you a fabulous panoramic view of the ocean, harbour and city.

#2 Have your Brekkie in Surry Hills
One of my favourite things to do in Sydney is having an Australian Brekkie. ‘Breakfast at The Book Kitchen’ has become my own Sydney tradition. Every time I’m in town I take the bus to Surry Hills and enjoy my brekkie in the sun while reading a good book.

#1 You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf
When I think of Australia, I think of Kangaroos and hot surf dudes (and girls). What about you?!
So if you ask my opinion, there are two options: you can either go to the beach and watch them, or you can join them. Okay, you will probably look better on the beach than in the water like a drowning cat who tries to save himself (If you are as talented as me) but hey, it’s so much fun!


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