Ketut’s Place – Ubud, Bali


I think this is the perfect accommodation to start of with. I only want to show you accommodations that have this ‘special in their own way and make you feel at home’ factor. Guess I can Call it the Hummingbird factor.
If there is one place that has the Hummingbird factor, it is definitely Ketut’s Place. Ketut’s place is located in Ubud, the cultural heart of Bali in Indonesia.

Ketut’s place is a bed and breakfast which is managed by the family of Ketut. No he is not the famous Ketut from the movie Eat, Pray, Love.
Everyone who ever went to Bali knows that Ketut is a very common name. It means ‘the 4th son’.
Ketut’s Place is more than just a B&B. This place, which is completely in traditional Balinese style provides you a home far away from home. All rooms are like small bungalows with the most beautiful doors I’ve ever seen. Every morning they serve you your breakfast on your own porch.

I was obsessed with the ‘home temple’. Basically all houses in Bali have their own temple, some are small, some are huge, like the one in Ketut’s Place. The temple is only for family members, but if you ask them friendly you can enter the temple as well.

Staying at Ketut’s Place is like staying at home where your mom is taking care of you… can you think of anything better than that?


  • the temple

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